Equitybase is a decentralized hybrid platform dedicated to security token platform ecosystem. Utilizing blockchain technology, Equitybase platform provides a marketplace allowing issuers worldwide to present their assets on the platform to raise funds effectively. Also, the platform will allow investors to buy/sell asset backed holdings without a lock-in period along with high return compare to traditional investments.

With the funds raise during the ICO, Equitybase will launch equitybase ecosystem: (Equity Reserve, Equity Invest, Equity Exchange) which utilized BASE Token in varies of different ways to enhance Token value and usage

Anyone around the world can participate in BASE token sale expect of USA which requires to obey with security law, which requires to be Reg d. 506c compliant . Equitybase and its subsidiaries are legal and compliant with existing Hong Kong SAR regulation.  However, an ICO would be subject to prospectus requirement and compliant under respective country regulation.

Equity Invest is a Real Estate Investment Platform which enable sponsors such as real estate developers or real estate funds to raise debt and/or equity on the platform. In return, sponsors would provide a guideline for each holding of estimate returns to its investors such as annual dividends, IRR, estimate hold period and equity multiple.

Equity Exchange is a trading platform which enable investors to sell or purchase additional shares on any tokens which has been funded on Equity Invest platform. Investors will be able to view each listings detail performance, credit ratings and reviews.

Zero Fees: BASE token will enable investors to transact on our platform without incurring any fees, while issuers can reduce the overall fees to 50%, token holdings must be greater or equivalent to transaction price.

Each listings would require 5% reserve held in a multi-sig wallet to be utilized as a primary reserve to provide initial liquidity if needed.  Equity Reserve will act as a umbrella general reserve pool to provide an additional layer of coverage on any listings on its platform.

Equity Fund is not a part of this ICO and it utilization would not be available after the standalone ICO.  Equity Fund will be initiating a standalone ICO during 4th Quarter of 2018 and it will be Reg. A+ Offering.

The Private Sale starts on Feb 4 and ends on Feb 18, you can receive up to a 50% token bonus for purchases during this time period.
Minimum purchase is $100,000.

Please contact us: ir@equitybase.co