What is Equitybase?

Securities token ecosystem enable financing, investing and trading on the blockchain


"We're on a mission to give everyone access to tokenize digital asset investment and trading opportunities.  Invest in digital asset from as little as $1.  We make investing in blockchain simple and easy for everyone."









Actual Value?

Asset Backed?




Lock-in Period

Equity investments has long lock-in period ranging from 3-10 years

Funding Access

Traditional financing channel would take 3-6 months to accomplished

Cost of Credit

Interest rate would varies by region and issuers equity would be substantial

Barrier of Entry

Upfront cost are tremendous

Low Return

Stock market over the past 10 years has average of 7% return per year

High Fees

From 5%+ for financing and .25%+ for trading


Issuers can finance their asset, investors can invest and liquidate holdings

No Minimum

Investors can invest any amount without minimum investment restriction

Rating System

Investors can track performances and track record of issuers


Our Equity Exchange Platform offer the flexibility for investors to liquidate their asset holdings on any investment

Zero Fees

Investors BASE token holder will be able to utilize the platform without incurring any fees

Actual Return

Actual return on investment on asset backed securities token

Equitybase Ecosystem

Equitybase Platforms provide an entire investment trading ecosystem from funding, investing and liquidating

Equity Reserve

Equity Reserve will be a reserve operator which provides as an layer of liquidity to the Equity Exchange platform

Equity Invest

Equity Invest allow issuers to finance their securities token on the platform, while providing dividends to investors on their holdings.

Equity Exchange

Equity Exchange enable investors to trade asset backed securities and utility tokens on the platform via crypto and fiat currency pairing

Equity Fund

(4th Quarter 2018 ICO, Reg. A+ Offering)

An Index Fund which will allow investors to gain weighted diverse exposure on Equity Exchange

Asset Tokenization

Real Estate

Units to Tokens


Units to Tokens

Capital Markets

Shares to Tokens

Equity Funds

Shares to Tokens

Asset Liquidity will be the driving force behind Asset Tokenization in the future

Equity Invest


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